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EPJS offers the most up to date drywall textures, finishes, colors, and designs.

EPJS has a talented crew of carpenters who can create the texture and finish to your desire. We offer drywall construction projects for commercial, industrial, office, warehousing and business applications.

We provide professional partitioning and drywall installation services to domestic and commercial clients.

We can supply and fit drywalling for developers, shop fitters and commercial construction companies. No job is too big or too small and we manufacture to specifications.

We are able to convert a one bedroom flat into a two bedroom flat or take a large room and divide it into two smaller bedrooms or a study. We can divide a double garage into a granny flat with dry wall and you would not even notice the divergence from conventional brick to drywall alterations.

We have the technology, skills and know how to create virtually any partition with drywall for your domestic requirements. Drywall creates quick walls without the mess and hassles.

Drywall is at least 50% cheaper than brick walling and is done in half the time with much less waste and trouble.

The most popular Drywall products are: (See our Photo Gallery

Regular Drywall
Drywall is the world's most widely used interior wall product

Moisture Resistant Board
Also known as Greenboard. Used in interior areas such as bathrooms and basements where added moisture resistance is needed.

Fire Rated Board
Commonly used in commercial projects and for increased safety for residential ceilings.
All other types of drywall available. In quantity, we can supply any size or type you require.

Construction of drywall

We create a steel frame with steel studs spaced every 600mm, thus creating a very strong structure against which we erect 12mm gypsum boards on both sides to create a solid, almost sound proof wall.

Interesting Facts About Drywall
Drywall is a generic term for gypsum board used in construction for covering walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings. It is also known as wallboard, plasterboard or by the particular brand name. Drywall has a gypsum core with coarse paper on the back and a smooth paper on the finish side.

Drywall sheets are available in wide range of sizes sizes. 12mm thick drywall is typically used for 400mm on-center framing for walls and ceilings and 16mm thick drywall is used for 610mm on-center framing.

Water resistant drywall or "greenboard" has a water-resistant facing but has the same gypsum core as regular drywall. It is typically used in wet areas such as bathtub and shower surrounds. It is not waterproof, however, and will deteriorate with water penetration.

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